​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Designer. Stylist. Speaker.

About me

Hi I'm James and I'd like to give you a warm welcome to my personal website. 

I'm a Graphic designer, male stylist and public speaker.

First things first, I'm 43, and oh, I'm Scottish, with an accent and everything, I'm originally from Glasgow but currently live in Carlisle with my family, my wife Carla, grown up son Declan and two dogs, Ivor the lab and Missy the Hungarian Viszla.

I'm a graphic designer, a branding expert with over 20yrs of being in charge of the crayons, my branding businesses


help businesses big and small to create the best branding for their business and make the most of it.

 I'm really passionate about great design both industrial and commercial and feel that good design is the difference between good and exceptional.

I am also a male stylist. My styling project www.realworldstyle.co.uk focuses on style & grooming for men in their 30s and 40s. Through my own journey I realised that I could use my design skills and love for all things fashion and style to help men be the best version of them.


I am an accomplished and experienced public speaker, available for bookings across the UK and internationally throughout 2019. 

Adding to decades of corporate speaking experience, I was additionally  trained by the UK's number one motivational business speaker and best selling author, Brad Burton. This has allowed me to build upon my existing speaking experience  to speak as a guest speaker across the UK to audiences as diverse as small business owners, and school leavers. 

I speak on a varied range of topics and can tailor my presentation to your requirements, my current popular topics are: 

Effective decision making under pressure

The A-Z of design & Print. 

Body Positivity & Inclusiveness


Weight Loss

Personal Style

I'm happy to discuss your event requirements. Please use the contact form link for more information and to book me for your event. 

styling & image consultancy

Real World Style isn't about fashion orcatwalk looks it's about finding your unique style and being the very best version of you. Finding your personal style is the building block that confidence, positivity and success stem from. 

If you look good you feel good and that really shows. 

The RWS mission is to help you find your own Real World Style and be the very best version of you, comfort and confidence shine through and are the fundamentals for you getting the most from your style.

When it comes to finding your personal style, I know it can be daunting. That's why my most popular services are there to assist you to find and be comfortable with your personal style. I've been there too and so am able to help you on your journey.

Find out more at www.realworldstyle.co.uk


As a fully qualified graphic designer, I have used my 20+ years of design experience to focus on business branding. With a range of clients from small businesses to some of the world's largest multi-nationals. I head up the design team and am a partner at  www.getitbranded.co.uk We specialise in the design and production of branding and marketing materials across a full range of print, promotional merchandise and personalised clothing. 

With customers reaching across the globe, from the US to Africa & Australia our UK based design and production facility offers not only exceptional quality, value and service but teams that with decades of design experience and branding expertise. 

Our mission is simple, to offer a branding experience which is second to none. Whether you are a sole trader of a top 100 company, we do not distinguish between customers and feel it is vial that small business owners are not excluded from effective branding and promotion, allowing them to level the playing field.